Questions and Answers

Question: Why would I just not replace it?
Answer: Why replace it when you can restore with our decorative acrylic overlay for a fraction of the cost, mess, and noise of installing new concrete. Including the fact that you will have the same problems arise is a few short years with new concrete again.

Question: Will there be heavy equipment involved that will destroy my yard and grass?
Answer: With concrete replacement yes. With our 4 year warranty acrylic overlay NO! There is no heavy equipment involved, and only edging around your concrete is needed for application.

Question: Will the product handle our demanding winter?
Answer: Yes, the product is developed to contract and expand with our climates. The acrylic overlay moves with the concrete and not against it, therefore making the surface flexible to move with temperature changes.

Question: Will the Acrylic be stain resistant?
Answer: Absolutely, The surface resists salt, fertilizer, oil, and grease.

Question: What if my concrete is uneven and has settled?
Answer: We work with a mud jacking contractor to level out the areas. After the areas are level we install our decorative acrylic overlay in the colors and design you choose. All without replacing!

Question: What kind of warranty does your product come with?
Answer: Our product comes with a full 4 year warranty against delaminating, excessive fading, and peeling. Most new concrete warranties are only 1 year.