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How Concrete Restoration Can Transform Your Orono Home

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How Concrete Restoration Can Transform Your Orono Home

After living in your home for years or even decades, you realize that various concrete surfaces inside and outside have started to look dull. In fact, upon careful inspection, you notice minor surface imperfections. Although you want to update these areas, you have no interest in dealing with a long-term project, excessive dust, and piles of torn-out concrete.

With concrete restoration at your Orono home, you can enjoy beautiful new surfaces in just a day or two and without any mess. Instead of coming to your home with jackhammers to tear out the concrete, the professional installers apply an overlay. Just remember that for an excellent outcome, you want to select a quality product.

If the decking around your pool needs help, consider an epoxy overlay. Not only can you choose from a broad range of colors, but also have quartz beads, colored glass chips, and various aggregates added that create a stunning effect. Epoxy is also ideal for concrete restoration because it has a nonslip surface and remains cool to the touch. That means that people can walk around the pool without burning their feet.

Concrete restoration works just as well for various indoor projects. As an example, you can completely change the functionality and appearance of your kitchen floors. With so many colors, textures, and patterns, you can create a look that perfectly matches the style of the kitchen, such as Spanish, Mediterranean, or contemporary.

In addition to more traditional solutions, such as stamped concrete using carefully placed mats, you can always go with a customized look. In that case, a skilled artisan hand-trowels the product onto the concrete surface. With years of experience and expertise, that individual makes whatever design you want. You can enhance your options by adding color.

Concrete restoration also works on walls, fireplace surrounds, and other vertical applications. Instead of feeling embarrassed when people visit your Orono home, you will feel proud of the transformed concrete surface.

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Does Concrete Restoration Have Any Limitations?

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Does Concrete Restoration Have Any Limitations?

With concrete restoration, a professional can bring life back into an existing surface. For a floor, countertop, walkway, driveway, pool deck, patio, or something else, innovative techniques and the right products can hide ugly imperfections. Restoring a concrete surface also enhances its appearance and improves functionality.

Since some people fear that the only solution is to have a concrete surface torn out and reinstalled, they choose to ignore blemishes that appear. With concrete restoration, a professional installer instead applies an overlay on top of the existing surface. Because of that, there is no hefty investment, mess, or a delayed finished project.

The most exciting aspect of concrete restoration is that there are few limitations. If a surface has significant damage, it may be necessary to have new concrete poured, but usually, an expert can salvage it. By following a step-by-step process, damaged and unsightly concrete surfaces can transform back to their original appearance and functionality.

Concrete repair only focuses on the inner workings of concrete. In comparison, the process of restoration takes things further by completely revitalizing the surface. The result is concrete that once again looks beautiful and functions the way it did initially. In other words, a professional restoration project gives the surface a makeover inside and out.

Although you can find several do-it-yourself products, it is always best to leave concrete restoration to an expert. That way, the outcome exceeds your expectations, and the results last twice as long. Also, a professional installer will have the job done quickly. The combination of expertise, a high-quality product, and the appropriate tools makes it possible to complete most projects in one to two days.

For superior results, you need to hire someone with years of experience and extensive training to transform any surface. If you have an area of your home or business that needs revitalization, you cannot beat what concrete restoration can accomplish. Instead of feeling embarrassed, you will have a sense of pride.

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What Are the Best Options for a Low-Maintenance Floor in a Dental Office?

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What Are the Best Options for a Low-Maintenance Floor in a Dental Office?

Because of the environment, the floor of a dental office needs to be attractive, soothing, and low-maintenance. The low-maintenance part it easier for the cleaning crew to keep the floor clean and sterile, which is imperative for this type of business. If you have a dental practice and your current floors have started to show signs of wear and tear, consider something low-maintenance.

Concrete is the best solution if you want something that’s incredibly low-maintenance. An expert installer can create virtually any look that you want for your Bloomington dental office using various decorative concrete solutions. Concrete floors do not require vacuuming, and they naturally resist dirt and dust. As a low-maintenance floor, sweeping and damp mopping will keep it in pristine condition.

Now, consider the incredible opportunities for giving this low-maintenance floor personality and character. With a stamped overlay, an installer can make the floors look like genuine brick, wood, river rock, cobblestone, slate, flagstone, and more. For a customized design, the professional would use a stamping mat designed specifically for you based on the look that you want to achieve.

A high-quality acid stain is another fantastic solution for a low-maintenance floor. When applied to concrete, it penetrates and reacts to various chemicals and salts. That results in a one-of-a-kind marbled effect. Once the installer seals the surface, you, your employees, and your patients can marvel at the unbelievable shine and beauty of the floors. Best of all, it requires little time and effort to keep acid-stained floors clean and sterile.

Your Bloomington dental office would benefit from an epoxy coating as well. Although residential and commercial garages depend on this low-maintenance floor, it is ideal for a broad range of exterior and interior applications. Along with resisting moisture, stains, impact, abrasion, and chemicals, it looks stunning. As a bonus, epoxy is comfortable to walk on and is slip-resistant.

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Cool Ideas for a Mediterranean Kitchen Using Stained Concrete

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Cool Ideas for a Mediterranean Kitchen Using Stained Concrete

Today, a Mediterranean-inspired kitchen is a hot trend. If you want to change the look and feel of the kitchen in your Wayzata home, you need more than new appliances, paint, and lighting. Because the floors serve as the foundation, it is essential that you focus on them, as well. In fact, choosing the right flooring system is critical to getting the Mediterranean look that you want.

One of the best options is a stained concrete floor. For that, there are two possibilities, a water-based or an acid-based stain. Although they both produce incredible results, perfect for a Mediterranean-style kitchen, each has unique characteristics. Therefore, it is essential to compare the two so that you choose the right one.

For a water-based stained concrete floor, a professional installer applies a top-quality product directly on top of an existing concrete surface. With a broad range of color options, you can create more than one Mediterranean style. As an example, you could go with a dark brown for a more sophisticated look or choose a green or gold color, both prominent for this style of kitchen.

Acid-based stained concrete is also an excellent flooring solution. Unlike a water-based stain that changes the color of the surface, a product with an acid base penetrates, followed by reacting to chemicals and salts in the concrete. Not only does that permanently change the color of the floor, it also creates a marbled effect.

One idea consists of mixing different colors. For instance, you could have the expert use a light tan for the central area of the floor, combined with a border in dark blue and a lighter tan. Instead of a continuous design around the perimeter of the room, have a blocked design created in each corner using a more substantial volume of blue and light tan.

Another idea is to have bright red, green, or gold accents added to the stained concrete floor. The installer could create diagonal lines, a geometric design, or small motifs that coordinate with the Mediterranean style.

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Get Your Apartment Pool Deck Ready for Summer with an Epoxy Coating

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Get Your Apartment Pool Deck Ready for Summer with an Epoxy Coating

With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to get your apartment pool deck ready for tenants and their guests to enjoy. Although you have several viable options, an epoxy coating ranks among the best. After learning about all the benefits that this type of application provides, you will agree.

For one thing, epoxy is durable and highly resistant to heavy foot traffic. Especially if a significant number of people spend time around the pool at your apartment complex, you need a surface that can withstand daily wear and tear. With this coating, you never have to worry about damage or even the deterioration of color, texture, or pattern. With this coating, your pool deck will provide your tenants with many years of flawless service.

An epoxy coating is highly resistant to numerous things, including abrasions, impacts, moisture, stains, and even the chemicals you use to keep the pool clean and sanitary. Therefore, if something accidentally gets dropped or spilled, the pool deck will remain intact.

Also consider that an epoxy coating is easy to clean and maintain. If you allow food and beverages inside of the pool area, more than likely, something will get spilled. However, instead of spending a lot of time scrubbing to remove stuck-on food or stains, you can use a standard garden hose to clean off the surface. For more stubborn issues, you can purchase a cleaning product formulated especially for epoxy.

If you want to give your pool deck personality and character, a professional installer can add color, texture, or aggregates. With that, you can customize how the pool deck looks. You can also have metallic flakes added, giving the epoxy coating a sparkly effect that looks incredible when hit by sunlight.

Your tenants will love the new look. However, the epoxy coating will also enhance the overall appearance of your apartment complex, making it easier for you to keep units occupied.

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